Can't view facebook notifications

2020-01-25 06:40

Jan 08, 2015 in account setting notification settings mobile push then when select any options it doesn't work and automatically refresh the page and deselect the options.Apr 16, 2014 Can't see Facebook notifications in WP8. 1 notification center. Any ideas to fix? I have installed the actual Facebook app (the normal one, not the beta) from the store. I can login to facebook through Cortana's settings. I can go to the picture hub and browse my facebook pictures. I can go to What's New on the People hub and see facebook status can't view facebook notifications

May 08, 2016 Facebook notifications are not working at all. I don't have it connected in the settings. I just have the Facebook app. It was working just fine, until they changed all the privacy crap! ! . . Ideas? In the settings, under notifications I do not see the Facebook app in there. Yes I have. It still

My Facebook group can't be found in search. Can't access to my notifications? Settings. Notifications. Every time I wanna see my notifications it says you have no notification, I even can't access to my old notifications. Asked about 4 years ago by Fozia. I can't see my notifications, I can't see my notifications, messages and also can't access settings and above all i can't even logout. when i click those items on the bar they keep loading f or ever and never stops loading and show the output. so, i am being forced to left it open like that.can't view facebook notifications I get notified of notifications by email. Until recently, I could click on go to facebook and see them. Now nothing happens when I click on it. I have tried changing my password and now my daughter tells me all my facebook details have disappeared!

Sep 28, 2011 This is a quick video about how to return your Facebook notifications back to normal (or the way they were before the recent update can't view facebook notifications Note: If you dont see a Facebook entry, tap on Add account and insert your Facebook user credentials. Tap the threedot icon in the top right section of the screen (More on some custom versions of Android). Check to see if auto sync is enabled. Fix: Facebook Notifications not Working. I opened Facebook after downloading Firefox but my page is stll blank and I still can't open my notifications. Tech Support Specialist: Viet Computer Tech, Computer Support Specialist replied 7 Why can't I see some of my Facebook friends in an app? Please help, why I can't get see any of my friend's birthday notification. Settings. Birthdays. Since tonight, just now, I can't see birthday notification of my friends. Please help. Asked about 4 years ago by Tony. 334 Votes 24 Followers Seen by 5, 388. Good Question; Cant Open Facebook Messages How To Fix It. i am not able to see my msgs n notifications. . plus facebook is not showing me any ones comment. nor i m able to like any ons post, plz help me I have problem to my facebook I cant make comments, likes and chat to ather people but only uploade photos and status that I can do can you

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