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2020-01-17 20:10

Facebook RSS feeds have stopped working. Ask Question 24. 11. We are showing feeds from Facebook on our website. Until yesterday, we were able to retrieve the feeds in JSON format using the URL below: Finally I was able to get the Facebook page feeds back on my website. Here goes the steps I followed to restore the feeds:If it is a glitch on Facebook due to server maintenance, you would just have to waitthose usually last at most a few hours. For your own system the usual things to try are 1) refresh the webpage: hold down the CTRL key (CMD on Macs) and tap the letter 'R' key. 2) change back and forth between pages (News FeedTimeline News Feed) facebook page feed not working

In this call, title, description, caption and picture are optional, and when not provided, Facebook will read the equivalent properties from the link's Open Graph meta data. If the linked web page does not have Open Graph meta data, Facebook will try to guess these properties by scraping the web page's content.

Jun 19, 2012 How to fix broken news feed on facebook Unsubscribe from TheGnarlyVideos? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Facebook News Feed Changes Fix Here But I have to visit Timelines directly to respond to posts from friends or use the Facebook mobile app on my smartphone, which I'm not a fan of. Facebook News Feed Bug Makes it Tough to Work. My duties as Post Planner's ambassador of awesomeness involve talking to people on Facebook.facebook page feed not working In fact, Facebook has a tool that lets you easily unfollow people and Pages in your News Feed. It even arranges profiles by how many times their posts show up, meaning you can axe the most

Feb 21, 2012 UPDATE ( ): Although my Facebook news feed began to work again as mysteriously as it had stopped working well over a MONTH after I first reported this problem to Facebook (which of facebook page feed not working My problem is Facebook dialog feed URL is not posting when I use Facebook as one of my business page (from top right side dropdown). Facebook dialogfeed not working for Pages. Ask Question 1. Add Page Tab dialog not working. 0. Share on Facebook asynchronously. Im on ps4 march 30 2019. First time I can not get on messages, profile, ect. But news feed is working. But I cant reply react or click on the page with out getting a blank page with the word Events Tab: People can follow your page events and subscribe to events from the plugin. Messages Tab: People can message your page directly from your website. People need to be logged in to use this feature. Enabling Messaging on your Page. To enable messaging on your Facebook page go to your Page Your News Feed should be filled with updates from the people and Pages you follow. If your feed is blank, close and reopen Facebook to refresh your News Feed. If that doesn't work, please learn how to report a problem with Facebook.

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