Twitter app for facebook not working

2020-01-22 00:54

Oct 17, 2018 Hi devs. I have Lumia 535. interop W10m june update old facebook app v. 0 and fb beta v twitter. installed to use them on peoples hub. and it works even for a long time But Since 14 june i have a problem with fb apps i was not able to use itIf you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts but your Facebook friends can't see your Tweets on your wall, you may need to update your privacy settings for Twitter for Facebook. To do this: Go to your Facebook Application settings and select Twitter. You will see an App privacy section. twitter app for facebook not working

Summary: You might be having trouble using Facebook, Messenger, Twitter apps on your Windows Phone 8. 1. Earlier this year, Twitter announced that it would be stopping support for its Windows Phone 8. 1 apps on June 1, and true to its word, it has done so. Windows 8. 1 and Windows Phone 8. 1 users are not able to login to these apps.

Facebook down: Site and app not working for users who are told it is 'down for maintenance' 'Facebook will be back soon' Facebook addressed the problems on its Twitter account. Tweets not working for you? Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account.twitter app for facebook not working Facebook to Twitter stopped working this morning. I did not make any changes to my settings in the past 24 hours, and all of the sudden my statuses are not going over to Twitter

At this point, we cant be certain if Twitter is not working on your iPhone or iPad because of the app itself, your devices connection to WiFi, or a potential hardware problem. Ill address each of these possibilities below with a stepbystep guide, starting with Twitter app troubleshooting, then WiFi troubleshooting, and finishing with your repair options if there is a hardware issue. twitter app for facebook not working However, Tweets are not being posted to the Facebook account, and every time I visit the App Settings page in Twitter, I find that the Facebook account is disconnected. I tried to disconnect both Facebook and Twitter, clear cache, restart browser and try reconnecting again (as mentioned in Twitter Help Center ), but it is still not working. From your desktop computer, log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile. Go to your Settings menu's Apps tab. Click Connect to Facebook. If you are not already logged in to Facebook, then you will be prompted to enter your Facebook login credentials. Enter your credentials and click Log in to sign in to Facebook. Twitter Tab. 67, 072 likes. Use this simple Twitter Tab for Facebook to broadcast your tweets to the audience of your personal or business Facebook page. Re: Twitter app not working after update @fichi since twitter it's a third party app, it's up to the app developer to address any compatibility issues, not Sony.

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