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2020-02-27 20:01

Dec 08, 2016 Battlefront 2 needs a campaign, space, and multiple eras before any DLC is released in my opinion. I would accept other eras as DLC, but everything else needs to be there from day 1 (and no day 1 DLC). If it doesn't ship with a campaign andor space, then I'll be waiting for the Ultimate Edition which comes with everything.Discussion Forum for the first generation Combat Mission Shock Force and its modules dice battlefront forums

Please use the email associated with the EA account you will use to play Star Wars Battlefront II. Limit one emote per account. See here for details. You must sign in and sign up for STAR WARS Battlefront 2 and EA emails before you can redeem your [INGAME ITEM.

Technical Issues Troubleshoot STAR WARS Battlefront II If youve run into an issue while installing or playing STAR WARS Battlefront II, check here for the latest updates and workarounds. Sep 19, 2018 DICE published a new Community Transmission message to address some upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 appearances changes and fixes This message details upcoming changes and tweaks to several appearances and explains how and why the studio plans to handle them in relation to other upcoming updates for the game and the Roadmap schedule.dice battlefront forums Apr 01, 2019  No Dice, No Glory Home Page Board index Battlefront Games; Battlefront Games. Forum rules No Dice, No Glory General Forum and Site Adminsitrative Information Podcast and Article Feedback Bolt Action Content; Battlefront Games Flames of War Flames of War General Flames of War List Discussions Flames of War

Join the Forum! We invite you to come by and join our Battlefront forum for a chance to share your views, your thoughts, and become part of the biggest game to hit the gaming community in years. . We have forum categories for all the topics that cover the new Electronic Arts and Dice video game, along with several others that should keep you entertained. dice battlefront forums Community specialist Thomas Detaevernier, who goes by the name MrTaver on both the Battlefront forums and Twitter, confirmed that EA DICE is aware of the latency issues that lead players are Your community forum for Star Wars Battlefront II game information, patch notes, and news. The subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise, including the entries by both EA DICE and Pandemic Studios. Bonjour tous, ici Florian (@DRUNKKZ3), Core Gameplay Designer chez @EADICE! Ds aujourd'hui mais galement demain, je vais prendre le contrle de ce compte twitter pour intragir avec vous et rpondre vos questions! Soyez gentils

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