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2020-01-18 10:20

Three Questions To Ask Before You Post Something On Facebook. Facebook and Twitter can be fantastic tools for communication, encouragement, laughter, playing Farmville, posting pictures of your cute dog Eloise, and general rollicking goodness. But, like every good gift, there can also be a dark side to social media. An unhelpful side.12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online. before you post that blog, Facebook status, or tweet, what would be some indicators you might want to consider first? In such an instance, I want to offer 12 brief questions to ask yourself. You might think of them as indicator lights, the kind a pilot checks before taking off things to think about before posting on facebook

6. ) Will this post glorify God? This is the trump card. Or question. As Christians, we have a higher standard. We are set apart. So, before you post something to social media, ask yourself honestly, Will this post glorify God? Will my words reflect my Savior? Will this picture point people to God? Is this truth? And the final question is most important.

# 1 Remember the golden rule# 5 Keep relationship details to yourself# 2 Dont brag# 3 Avoid TMI# 4 Think about the reader# 6 Dont be cryptic The Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Post. Ask yourself would you say it in real life, If the answers no, dont post it online. Social workers using social media such as blogs, Facebook, message boards, or Twitter must think carefully about how their postings could affect their clients and their careers. On issues ranging from domestic violence and homophobia to racism and the insidious disease of breast cancer, a young MSW social worker blogs incisively about the African American experience.things to think about before posting on facebook 3 Things to Remember Before You Post on Social Media By Angela (Alcorn) Stump July 24, 2017 Both of our daughters, Karina and Angela, are Christcentered women and wonderful wives and moms who serve their families and churches well.

If you are friends with a coworker and post something, details on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post can spread through your whole office, including to your manager or HR department. It's very easy for anyone to take a screenshot of your post, too. So think twice before posting how boring your job is, or how much you hate it. things to think about before posting on facebook Before you go charging into the world of Facebook with all your barrels blazing, there are a few things that you need to consider. Pay attention, plan carefully, and youll soon be ready to get a piece of the Facebook action. 1. As with every marketing initiative, its important to know Read 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media by Kristen Wetherell inspiration for making home and food! Whether you love to hate social media, or you hate to love it, may you thank God for the good things he has made, and ask Jesus for the grace to use social media in a way that honors him and is helpful to other people. Sep 04, 2014 Made in collaboration with our partner Flocabulary, the experts in educational hiphop, this animated music video raps about the hazards of oversharing online and emphasizes a thoughtful approach 5 Things to Consider Before Posting Online. I still remember the day I got a Facebook page back in 2007. I am pretty much a foreigner in the land of all things techie, but my kids insisted one day that I just could not be a cool mom unless I had a Facebook page. Is it something you can say in front of a child. I have started to once

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