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2020-01-18 10:20

Woobox is one of the biggest and most popular social media marketing tools in use today. It can be used very effectively to organize social media and online contests, such as sweepstakes, on Facebook and other social media platforms.This article details how to comply with Facebooks contest rules within the United States and Canada. It is not a substitute for, nor intended to be, legal advice. If you have further questions, please consult with a legal professional. Facebook contests and sweepstakes can be a great way to attract attention and promote your page. woobox facebook sweepstakes

3. Building Your Facebook Contest Landing Page Experience. Woobox has 5 pages available to design and customize for your contest. You can reference this guide to learn how each page is used in the contest, and what design and content elements should appear on each.

Sweepstakes. Collect entries, incentivize participants, and select random winners. With over one billion entries under our belt, our Sweepstakes campaigns have the power to make your promotion viral and incentivize your audience to meet your goals. Win a year of pasta and spending money from Dreamfield Foods! They're giving away a whole lot of goodness in the 21 Day Pasta Challenge Program. Come back each day to sign up and check the challenge of the day with the Facebook link. . Enter on Facebook to win DAILY PRIZES. . Grand prize winner receives 1, 000 plus a years supply of Dreamfields pasta.woobox facebook sweepstakes In this post, Ill explain some pointers on how to get a good social contest setup, but lets start off by looking at which Facebook contest app to use. Out of a pool of maybe 50 different social contest app services, there are five that Id recommend considering; Heyo (my favourite), Shortstack, AgoraPulse, Wishpond, and WooBox.

Woobox has some useful sweepstakes features for your businesss contest. The application is easy to set up and has a fanonly graphics page built in, or you can create one yourself to customize your campaign. Woobox is 29month to use, and you unlock all of the Apps they have available with your woobox facebook sweepstakes Sweepstakes Sponsored by woobox. com Here is a list of giveaways that are published at woobox. com. Woobox Sweepstakes. 7, 558 likes 157 talking about this. An unofficial list of all the US Woobox Sweepstakes updated daily! Learn about companys& Look it up: Help Desk& Support Library Woobox 2019. All rights reserved. An excerpt from our latest Woobox blog post: Many people like to giveaway external products or packages (like a vacation or gift card), but promoting your own products and services through giveaways takes a little bit of a different tact.

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